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May 2022

Conducting focus groups in developing countries: Skill training for local bilingual facilitators

Journal/Book: Qual Health Res. 2000; 10: 2455 Teller Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320, USA. Sage Publications Inc. 396-410.

Abstract: Many countries of the would are characterized by the use of two or more languages, and qualitative research is usually conducted in indigenous languages; however, bilingual facilitators often do not have any experience in research studies or in conducting group discussions. This article presents a 4-day skill-training workshop for local facilitators in which they learn the role of moderator, recorder, and observer and acquire research skills during role playing and during a pretest of the study population. Developed over several years of field experience, this technique has proven successful in collecting reliable data in situations when time is limited, when participants speak indigenous languages, and when bilingual Facilitators have no background in research and lack focus group skills. The advantages of this training are that it is low cost and fast and permits a careful translation of the data. Moreover, because facilitators are involved in the collecting and analyzing of the data, their input provides the investigator with a valuable understanding of the findings from an emic perspective.

Note: Article Maynard-Tucker G, Univ Calif Los Angeles, Ctr Study Women, Los Angeles,CA 90024 USA

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