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August 2022

Development, gender equality, and suicide rates

Journal/Book: Psychol Rep. 2000; 87: P O Box 9229, Missoula, MT 59807, USA. Psychological Reports. 367-372.

Abstract: A component of the United Nations Development Programme Hu man Development Index which measures longevity was negatively associated -.55 with suicide rates in 37 nations for men; the correlation with the suicide sex ratio was also negative (r=-.59). Women's access to social, political, and economic power in a subsample of 26 nations, summarized in the UNDP's Gender Empowerment Measure, was positively correlated with suicide rates (r=.36 for both women and men). UNDP measures of attainment in literacy and income showed no individual relationship with suicide rates. In a multiple regression model, life expectancy was negatively related, and the Gender-related Development index was positively related, to suicide rates.

Note: Article Mayer P, Univ Adelaide, Dept Polit, Adelaide, SA 5005, AUSTRALIA


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