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August 2022

Does dream interpretation have any limits? An evaluation of interpretations of the dream of ''Irma's Injection''

Journal/Book: Dreaming. 2000; 10: 233 Spring St, New York, NY 10013-1578, USA. Kluwer Academic-Human Sciences Press. 161-178.

Abstract: Dream interpretative efforts appear unconstrained by methodological standards. An examination of the re-interpretations of Freud's dream of ''Irma's Injection,'' the dream specimen of psychoanalysis, illustrates the undisciplined nature of dream interpretation. Reading '' in '' from presumed day residues or infantile experiences rather than ''out'' from the dream report per se lies at the heart of the problem. The failure to spell out inferences, to link inferences to the dream text, to explain and maintain the relationships in the dream report, and to offer a substitute text for the entire dream text all contribute to the inadequacies of dream interpreatation.

Note: Article Kramer M, 101 W 79th St, New York,NY 10024 USA

Keyword(s): dreams; interpretation; psychoanalysis; SPECIMEN DREAM; FREUD

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