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December 2021

The effects of preventive vocal hygiene education on the vocal hygiene habits and perceptual vocal characteristics of training singers

Author(s): Treole, K., McCabe, R. B., Allen, R. L., Toppin, L.

Journal/Book: J Voice. 2000; 14: 58-71.

Abstract: The purpose of the present study was to determine the effects of vocal hygiene education on the vocal hygiene behaviors and perceptual vocal characteristics of untrained singers. Eleven adult untrained singers served as subjects. They attended four 1-hour class sessions on vocal hygiene, including anatomy and physiology of the phonatory mechanism, vocally abusive behaviors, voice disorders commonly seen in singers, and measures to prevent voice disorders. Pre- and postinstruction surveys were used to record subjects' vocal abuses and their perceptions of their speaking and singing voice. They also rated their perceived value of vocal hygiene education. Results revealed minimal changes in vocal hygiene behaviors and perceptual voice characteristics. The subjects did report a high degree of benefit and learning, however.

Keyword(s): Adolescence. Adult. Curriculum. Female. Habits. Human. Male. Music. Speech Perception/physiology. Teaching. Voice/physiology. Voice Disorders/prevention & control. Voice Quality

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