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May 2022

Neurobiological substrates of communicator style

Author(s): Miller, L. D.

Journal/Book: Commun Educ. 2000; 49: 5105 Backlick Rd, Annandale, VA 22003, USA. Speech Communication Assn. 82-98.

Abstract: This study investigated differences in brain structures, as reflected in hemispheric laterality, and sex on communicator style preferences. Handedness, familial sinistrality, and related correlates were combined as a predictor of two types of hemispheric dominance: standard or anomalous. Males and females classified as standard or anomalous dominant completed a measure of communicator style. Data analyses are consistent with the hypothesis that communication preferences have a neurobiological grounding. Significant main and interaction effects were detected for several of the style subconstructs. Anomalous dominant males reported higher friendly, impression-leaving, animated, open, and communicator image style scores than any other group. Standard dominant males had the highest relaxed style scores. Responses by anomalous dominant females did not generally differ from preferences indicated by standard dominance males.

Note: Article Bodary DL, Sinclair Community Coll, Dept Commun Arts, Dayton,OH 45402 USA

Keyword(s): communicator style; biosocial theory; hemispheric dominance; standard dominance and anomalous dominance; DISCRIMINANT-ANALYSIS

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