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September 2021

EKG und Energie-Ebenen - einneues pathophysiologisches Konzept

Abstract: The four layers of the energetic field are well known by all spiritual teachings. To check these layers a new test system called "psychosomatic energetics" gives the possibility to investigate and measure precisely the illnesses of these four subtle energy fields and to uncover the hidden emotional conflicts which are the common cause of psychosomatic diseases. Together with the biophysicist Dieter Jossner a new test device (Reba) was designed with which the measurement of the subtle energy field of the human organism is improved and becomes more objective. Using new homeopathic preparations called "emotional remedies" the pattern of brain waves normalized in a way that was never seen before by other biological methods. So it was an important note to investigate the correlations of psychosomatic diseases, the human energy field and the EKG. The use of frequence generators ("mindmachines") reveals a fascinating fixed coherence of brain activity and subtle body energy. From these measurements the brain seems to act as a prisma for the subtle body energy. The energetic pathophysiology of psychosomatic diseases from the point of view of these discoveries - can be understood much better and natural laws of disturbed brain function and energetic disturbances for the first time become visible.

Keyword(s): Energie-Ebenen

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