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October 2021

Chinesische Phytotherapie bei Krebs

Abstract: What to do in case of cancer? Every year nearly half a million of new cancer patients and 5 million patients living with their cancer disease in Germany are asking themselves this question.The biological cancer defence could not only help effectively, but could above all, act in a patient-orientated way. Patient-orientated medicine is taking care of the individual patient, analyzing the problems and needs of the single patient and concluding an individual therapeutic concept.Exactly this patient-orientated concept is the basis of the oldest and continuously applied medical science system, the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).TCM consists of nutrition, herbal drugs, acupuncture and meditative movement exercises, whereby 80 % of the applied methods are herbal drugs.Exactly herbal medicine is almost unique in its type: from the herbs or classical prescriptions, which are officinal since over 2000 years, approximately 80 % are still applied regularly today - a tremendous long time, which can only be achieved by positive experience.In China, TCM is part of the university medical system and there is a lot of research done an the topic of herbs with very promising results.As in the case of all illnesses, also in case of cancer, TCM is analysing malfunctions and disturbances of well-being. Thus TCM offers a complementary oncological therapeutic concept, which impresses by thousand of years of clinical experience and by appreciating the patients' individuality.

Keyword(s): Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin

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