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October 2021

Umgang mit ¬Ąpathogenen" Keimen - Ende der Erregertheorie und ihrer Folgen?

Abstract: In today's traditional medicine, the "pathogen" is still regarded as the cause of infections. Accordingly, the medical strategy against such diseases still is the weakening or destruction of such invaders. Antibiotics, which were regarded as a means of final resort by its discoverers, experienced an unparalleled triumphal march and are still and nearly uncritically used today.As a result of the adaptation of these early life forms to any environmental influences in the sense of survival of the kind for millions of years, more and more antibioticresistant strains of such microorganisms develop. Despite increased hygienic measures, this lead to an unparalleled inundation of germs at locations, where a high concentration of infected people (practices, hospitals) exists. Not without reason, the so-called hospitalism in all areas of in-patient treatment is a problem, which can hardly be handled.This article shows approaches, how changing one's views can take place and how this leads to a safe control of infectious diseases.

Keyword(s): Erreger

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