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Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
October 2021

Das Herz als Heilzentrum

Abstract: As the body's only really autonomous sensing circulation organ, the human heart plays more than just a physical role in our well-being. The pituitary gland, defined earlier by Dr. Gümbel as the sixth sensory organ which determines one's sense of self - one's sense of being works together with the heart - the seventh sense, which carries the sense of life in connecting mind, body and spirit.This reunification catalyzes a holistic perception of being, a sense of the divine. From such awareness only there can emerge the feeling of wholeness and a human understanding of the heart itself.Through the endocardium as a sensory epithelium comparable to the skin, the eardrum, the olfactory mucous membrane and the retina, the heart senses the flow, the quality and the consistency of the blood. A harmonious circulation is also an absolute requirement for any sensory perception because blood is the "connective tissue of the heart", it is the carrier of our emotions and feelings.By virtue of circulating blood, the heart is the supreme connecting organ for the entire body: moreover, it is the information center for all sensory perceptions and at the same time the precondition for all functions. Therefore, we can call the heart a "sense- making" organ, uniting spirit, mind and body, communicating wholeness with each and every pulsation.The heart is also an adjustment center for the dynamics of the blood flow and - as an expression of the inherent rhythmical pulsating divine spirit - a healing center of the human being. Therefore in cosmotherapy the heart is the center of life.

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