Heilpflanzen-Welt - Die Welt der Heilpflanzen!
Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
August 2022

„Niedere Pflanzen" in Medizin, Pharmazie und Ernährung3. Teil: Bryophyta, Lycophyta, Equisetophyta und Filices

Abstract: In medicine of ancient times, moss, club moss, horsetail, and fern played a more important role as drugs, than it is the case today; even then they hardly received the attention, that was paid to the blossoming plants. Even if we do not use moss with liver diseases any longer, as it was the case in the doctrine of signatures, this group of plants is significantly involved in the formation of moors, which are important for balneology. Homeopathic therapy uses club moss (lycopodium) in the case of chronic eczema. The horsetail Equisetum still plays an important role in phytotherapy as a component of bladder and kidney teas and as a monopreparation in the case of posttraumatic and static edema. It is also used externally for bathes in the case of skin diseases. Fern is spontaneously associated with deworming, which often was successful but not totally harmless. Leaf extracts were sometimes used in the case of motility disturbances in the digestive tract and in homeopathy. Hart's tong, Phyllitis scolopendrium, has a certain importance as an expectorant.

Keyword(s): Adiantum

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