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September 2021

Die Bedeutung der Information für lebendige Systeme

Abstract: Analogous to the physical imparting of information in a socially structured Society one can observe similar phenomenologies for the description of "vital functions" as in the human organism. Like our Society, our living body can only "live" and function, when first of all the "communication" and secondly the informative exchange of values between the individual parts is "sufficient".. A lack of information (e.g. by an insufficient inflow of vital "information" from outside, be it via nutrition, light or other receptive opportunities) leads to losses and damages. In this case we talk of insufficiencies or simply diseases. The technical term "information" is a purely combinatoric effect of state, which can he specified by physical processes, e.g. as 0-1 bits. Therefore it is only a form of information, i.e. a Shell; in comparison with it, the information of the vital principle is the information "itself", i.e. the "content". The non-differentiation, which has been practiced so far, prevents a proper Investigation of these "information contents". Therefore, the vital information can he called the semantics for the individual configurations of physical, or organic, or material functional correlations. This elementary intelligent effect is responsible for an organism, which is oriented towards appropriateness. Without this transmaterial component of the appearance of everything which is alive, there would be no health, no self-healing, no viability. The vital information is transmitted via natural light, via everything which grows and flourishes by the action of light; it also flows in an other, yet unsolved way and is partially built up by the living system itself. From a certain abstract point of view, a flow of information, which represents the therapeutical effect, can be extracted from actually every form of treatment (e.g. treatment by surgery, drugs or diets). It is attached to all objects of nature, also to the atom. Only in this way it can be explained, that the properties of substances can be proven even then, when atoms or molecules of the substance are no longer present. When the "quality of information" is clearly singled out as an independent component of the reality of existence, it will become possible to better understand, what "life" really is but also how we can make the "quality of information" useable for therapeutic purposes. The effect will surpass a lot, which is known in the therapeutical field today.

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