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Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
October 2021

Was macht die Biophysikalische Informations-Therapie (BIT) für den Neueinsteiger so interessant?

Abstract: Our health service is under an enormous cost pressure, which results in the fact, that the physicians can no longer freely choose the methods they use. The most important point today is: which methods are still affordable? On the other hand it is no longer important, whether the patient is well taken care of or not.As a result of the budget in the panel practice but as well as of partly very restrictive reimbursement practices of the private insurance, often the economic aspect is more important than the medical aspect.So, during the last years a situation was created, which becomes unbearable for every physician, who has been primarily trained to help ill people. The only way out of this misery is the application of new therapeutical methods, which save time, cost less and which can be used in a highly efficient way. One of these methods, which is very efficient in this respect and which has proven its worth during the last 25 years in many practices and hospitals, which in the meantime has gone through a tremendous development, is the biophysical information therapy (BIT). This also takes into consideration another criterion: 80% of the population want to be treated by naturopathy. In the future, physicians can no longer allow themselves to ignore this demand and to withhold from their patients effective therapies, which do not put a strain on them.

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