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January 2022

Samuel Hahnemanns Gratwanderung zwischen Vereinfachung und Verifikation

Journal/Book: Zeitschrift für Klassische Homöopathie. 2000; 44/2: 56- 66.

Abstract: This article offers a survey of essential developments in Hahnemanns concept of homeopathy. A remarkably tendency to inadmissible simplifications is noticed in every sector of his teaching: The vital force is used incrasingly as an easy answer to physiological questions. Only three miasms are made responsible for nearly every desease. The discussion with other concepts is restricted to the formula Correct= Homeopathy= Hahnemann, Incorrect= Remainder. Especially in Organon 5 there is a tendency to schematisid standardisation of tratment. The positive point of standardisation is the simplification of therapy. The facilitates the verification (or falsification) of treatment results. Hahnemann just mentions this kind of epistemological model briefly. A renewd and critical discussion depends on contemporary practitioners of homeopathy.

Keyword(s): Hahnemann, Homöopathie, Vereinfachung, Verifizierung, Evidenz

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