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October 2021

Applikation natürlicher Frequenzspektren als First-Line-Therapiebei akuten und chronischen Erkrankungen des Bewegungsapparates

Abstract: Special diseases of the locomotor apparatus require procedures, which make it possible, to achieve freedom from pain quickly and to restore the necessary mobility as far as possible. The classic treatment is known very well. Antiphlogistics, possibly surgery and rehabilitation measures, if applicable in combination with a costly physical therapy. All in all requiring a lot of time and costs.With the use of a new, biophysical procedure, which builds up the whole organism and especially the affected areas of the body energetically, patients with acute symptoms become pain-free and mobile in an impressively short period of time. Often, degenerative processes can be stopped or even reversed. The results often are longer pain-free phases and therefore physical as well as psychical relief. Substitutionally for about 100 similar treatments, 30 representative cases were chosen, which were treated in my practice with the "Vitalfeldtherapie" (vital field therapy) in the case of symptoms concerning the area of the vertebral column, as well as gonarthrosis, lateral humeral epicondylitis and torn muscle fibers. After the end of the treatment, 21 patients were totally pain-free and 6 patients almost pain-free. in 3 patients a clear relief of pain could be achieved. Antiphlogistic and antirheumatic medication was not necessary in any one of the cases.

Keyword(s): Bewegungsapparat

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