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December 2021

Two languages of a body fantasy. On the dynamics of countertransference

Journal/Book: Psyche Z Psychoanal Anwend. 1999; 53: Rotebuhlstrasse 77, D-7004 9 Stuttgart 1, Germany. Klett-Cotta Verlag. 1015-1041.

Abstract: In a brief theoretical introduction, the author first discusses various hypotheses in connection with countertransference and reflects on their theoretical groundings and practical technical use. She recalls Racker's dual countertransference model of the 40s and 50s and shows that this was taken up and enlarged upon in the 80s by representatives of the countertransference enactment concept. In the subsequent detailed case description, Zeul discusses analysis of a female patient from the point of view of concordant and complementary identification, projective identification and enactment, clearly bringing out central features of the interplay between herself and the analysand.

Note: Article Zeul M, Redakt Psyche, Zeil 22, D-60313 Frankfurt, GERMANY

Keyword(s): ENACTMENTS

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