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October 2021

The new science: Chaos theory, catastrophic theory, and topological theory

Author(s): Noble, C., Cangemi, J. P., Payne, K. E., Kowalski, C. J.

Journal/Book: Psychology. 1999; 36: C/O Dr. Casimir Kowalski Ohio State Univ, College Business, Columbus, OH 43210, USA. Psychology. 24-29.

Abstract: Postmodern theory suggests that human behavior is more sporadic, less orderly, and less rational than previously thought. It compliments, but does not replace modernistic theories based on equilibrium, meaning, and conflict. Postmodern theories include chaos, topological, and catastrophic theories. Chaos deals with the outwardly appearing non-orderly behavior and change of humans that essentially has an order nor directly observed. Topological theory deals with gradual human change, and catastrophic theory deals,with rapid social change This article purports to explain these theories.

Note: Article Snell JC, Kirkwood Coll, Cedar Rapids,IA 52406 USA

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