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December 2021

Consciousness: Some basic issues - A neurophilosophical perspective

Journal/Book: Conscious Cogn. 1999; 8: 525 B St, Ste 1900, San Diego, CA 92101-4495, USA. Academic Press Inc. 164-172.

Abstract: This paper concentrates on the basic properties of ''consciousness'' that temporal coding is postulated to relate to. A description of phenomenal consciousness based on what introspection tells us about its contents is offered. This includes a consideration of the effect of various brain lesions that result in cortical blindness, apperceptive and associative agnosia, and blindsight, together with an account of the manner in which sight is regained after cortical injuries. I then discuss two therories of perception-Direct Realism and the Representative Theory. This includes a discussion of the concept of the body-image, phantom limbs, the alleged projection of sensations, the ontological status of phenomenal space, the homunculus argument, the validity of topographic coding, the difference between the stimulus field and the visual field, and two theories of brain-mind relationship-the Identity Theory and the Bohr-Heisenberg theory of brain-mind complementarity. Finally I suggest that the binocular rivalry obtained in the case of the stroboscopic patterns that result from intermittent photic stimulation of one eye, when used in animal experiments with unit recording, offers a good experimental method of investigating the binding problem.

Note: Editorial Smythies J, Univ Calif San Diego, Ctr Brain & Cognit, Brain & Percept Lab, San Diego,CA 92093 USA

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