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October 2021

Fostering evidence-based practice in nursing education

Journal/Book: J Prof Nursing. 1999; 15: Independence Square West Curtis Center, Ste 300, Philadelphia, PA 19106-3399, USA. W B Saunders Co. 270-274.

Abstract: Accountability for outcomes is a fundamental responsibility of professional nurses. Central to such accountability is the ability to critique existing practice patterns, discriminate between alternative and often conflicting information, and demonstrate sound decision making in a manner that can be empirically supported. Although evidence-based nursing practice offers a framework to support these activities, longstanding patterns impede using a more scientifically based approach to patient care. These barriers are reinforced by the sheer volume of Information and conflicting worldviews that characterize the postmodern era. Teaching and learning strategies to address the challenge of evidence-based nursing practice in the information age are offered for review and possible adoption by nurse educators.

Note: Article Rambur B, Univ Mary, Div Nursing, 7500 Univ Dr, Bismark,ND 58504 USA

Keyword(s): accountability for outcomes; baccalaureate nursing education; evidence-based nursing practice; information age; research-based nursing practice; PRACTICE GAP

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