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October 2021

Symptoms of autism in young children and correspondence with the DSM

Author(s): Calhoun, S. L.

Journal/Book: Infant Young Children. 1999; 12: 7201 Mckinney Circle, Frederick, MD 21704, USA. Aspen Publ Inc. 90-97.

Abstract: The Checklist for Autism in Young Children, comprising 30 symptoms related to autism, was administered to 143 children with autism. The children had an average of 23 (77%) of the checklist symptoms (range 50%-97%). Percentages of children exhibiting each checklist symptom and other data were compared with diagnostic criteria and associated features reported in the DSM-IV. Two DSM-IV diagnostic criteria were not supported by study findings, and four checklist symptoms occurred at high frequencies (89%-100%) but were not included as DSM-IV diagnostic criteria.

Note: Article Mayes SD, Penn State Univ, Coll Med, Dept Psychiat, Hershey,PA 17033 USA

Keyword(s): Asperger's disorder; autism; DSM-IV; pervasive developmental disorder; III-R CRITERIA; DISORDER

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