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November 2021

Reversed effects of familiarity and novelty in visual and auditory working memory for words

Author(s): Martin, S.

Journal/Book: Brain Cognition. 1999; 40: 525 B St, Ste 1900, San Diego, CA 92101-4495, USA. Academic Press Inc. 159-162.

Abstract: Already young children can differentiate written words as they map local word structure. The effect of familiarity and novelty of word structure in visual and auditory working memory was investigated. Accuracy for spoken words increased with novelty of word structure, novelty causing a perceptual saliency effect triggering allocation of more attention. Written words were remembered best when familiar. It is concluded that for working memory, the effect of familiarity of word structure, also known as lexicality effect, is limited to written words. Familiarity and novelty effects were reversed in visual and auditory memory for words.

Note: Article Lange-Kuttner C, Univ Aberdeen, Aberdeen AB9 1FX, SCOTLAND

Keyword(s): CHILDREN

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