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October 2021

From Wilhelm Flitner to Niklas Luhmann - Reflections on the theoretical-sociological implications of hermeneutical pedagogics

Journal/Book: Z Padagog. 1999; 45: Am Hauptbahnhof 10 Postfach 1120, W-6940 Weinheim, Germany. Verlag Julius Beltz. 245-260.

Abstract: NIKLAS LUHMAN'S theory of society has met with a very limited response in educational science. This seems to be connected with the radical changes during the 1960s At that time, contact with hermeneutical pedagogics was either broken or its ideas were reformulated for the purposes of an emancipatory educational theory. The aspect of the self-reflexive, social ''historicity'' which had been a motivational force in theorizing in the traditional line from SCHLEIERMACHER to FLITNER, was ideology-critically curtailed and does not surface again in the more recent approaches because these sweepingly characterize hermeneutical pedagogics as ''cultural pedagogics''. On the basis of an analysis of FLITNER'S writings, the author explains the '' theoretical-sociological implications'' and shows in what way Luhmann's concept can be considered an ''autological'' advancement of just that humanities-aspect of a socially oriented historicity marked by self-reflection. The line of reasoning does not employ LUHMANN'S terminology but, rather, uses a hermeneutical language leading to those concepts.

Note: Editorial Lange H, Moltkeallee 12, D-22926 Ahrensburg, GERMANY

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