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December 2021

Regulation of exercise intensity using ratings of perceived exertion during passive visual distraction

Author(s): Potteiger, J. A.

Journal/Book: Percept Mot Skills. 1999; 89: PO Box 9229, Missoula, MT 59807, USA. Perceptual Motor Skills. 684-694.

Abstract: The purpose of this investigation was to determine if passive visual distraction altered ability to regulate exercise intensity as assessed by ratings of perceived exertion during a 30-min, treadmill run. 10 trained females (VO(2)max, 52.7 ml.kg(-1).min.(-1)) performed a graded exercise test on a treadmill to assess maximal aerobic power and rating of perceived exertion, oxygen uptake (VO2), heart rate, and running velocity at the 2.5 mmol L-1 blood lactate concentration. Subjects then used the target rating of perceived exertion to regulate exercise intensity during a control condition, and two treatment runs with passive visual distractions. During the treatment sessions, the subjects ran on a treadmill while viewing a high-action or a low-action video with no audio. The subjects were allowed to adjust the treadmill speed throughout the run to maintain the target rating of perceived exertion; however, subjects were not allowed to view the speed setting. There were no significant differences in blood lactate concentration among the conditions for the control, low action, high action, or graded exercise test (p less than or equal to.05). No significant differences in VO2 or running velocity were found within or among the 30-min. Treatment runs and the graded exercise test. Heart rate at 5 min, of exercise during control (158 +/- 3 b.min.(-1)), low action (158 +/- 3 b.min.(-1)), and high action (159 +/- 2 b.min.(-1)) was significantly lower than the graded exercise rest (169 +/- 3 b.min.(-1)). Based on the data collected, visual passive distraction did not alter regulation of intensity using ratings of perceived exertion during a 30-min, treadmill run.

Note: Article Potteiger JA, Univ Kansas, Robinson Ctr 101, Exercise Physiol Lab, Lawrence,KS 66045 USA


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