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December 2021

Decision-making process in patients before entering phase III cancer clinical trials: A pilot study

Author(s): Sleijfer, D. T., vandeWiel, H. B. M., vanderGraaf, W. T. A.

Journal/Book: Cancer Nurs. 1999; 22: 227 East Washington Sq, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 119-125.

Abstract: The present study was performed to gain insight Into the decision-making process that patients go through when asked to participate in a cancer clinical trial. Fourteen cancer patients entered a pilot study concerning decision making. They were interviewed in a semistructured manner after consenting or refusing to participate in a randomized phase III clinical trial concerning chemotherapy or immunotherapy. Results from this study showed that patients, after receiving information from the medical oncologist, oncology nurse, or both, decide about participation instantaneously This means that rime for procedural soundness has not been used, which raises questions about the normative quality of the decision.

Note: Article Huizinga GA, Univ Groningen Hosp, Dept Internal Med, Div Med Oncol, POB 30-001, NL-9700 RB Groningen, NETHERLANDS

Keyword(s): cancer clinical trial; decision making; patient participation; patient preferences; psycho-oncology; INFORMED CONSENT

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