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October 2021

Delphi technique: one cycle of an action research project to improve the pre-registration midwifery curriculum

Journal/Book: Nurse Educ Today. 1999; 19: Journal Production Dept Robert Stevenson House 1-3 Baxters Place, Leith Walk, Edinburgh Eh1 3Af, Midlothian, Scotland. Churchill Livingstone. 495-501.

Abstract: Facilitating a unified interpretation of new or re-designed curricula can be problematic in multi-sited universities. This paper discusses the use of the Delphi technique when implementing an innovative pre-registration midwifery curriculum. It formed one of the action research cycles of the author's doctoral study and was used in an attempt to seek the views of all midwife teachers and achieve a critical mass consensus. The most important issues that emerged from the Delphi process were grouped into four categories. These four categories (the teacher's base site, communications, staff development and administration issues) formed the agenda for a staff away day. The outcome of the process was the generation of a list of priorities and actions for curriculum implementation and the identification of ways in which staff development needs might be met more effectively. An unexpected, but equally important, outcome was the way it helped with team building and agreement on positive actions for its further development.

Note: Article Fraser DM, Univ Nottingham, Acad Div Midwifery, Sch Human Dev, Fac Med & Hlth Sci, Queens Med Ctr, A Floor, Nottingham NG7 2UH, ENGLAND

Keyword(s): NURSE

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