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October 2021

Infant crying and parent-infant interaction: Theory and measurement

Author(s): Letourneau, N., Neufeld, S., Harvey, H., Elliott, M. R., Reilly, S.

Journal/Book: Infant Mental Hlth J. 1999; 20: Michigan State Univ Dept Psychology, E Lansing, MI 48824-1117, USA. Michigan Assn Infant Mental Health. 452-465.

Abstract: Infant crying is frequently quantified as a primary dependent variable in studies where the goal is to understand and soothe infant crying within the context of the parent-infant relationship. Through a historical review and an examination of studies and measurement techniques, the utility of quantifying infant crying is discussed. Although duration and timing of infant crying may be a practical concern for families and health professionals, the effectiveness of soothing interventions may not be best examined by attempts to measure unit reductions in infant crying. Rather, developing an understanding of infant crying within the context, of parent-infant relationships may have more utility. Understanding infant crying in context may provide direction to the selection of soothing interventions and to more appropriate measures of the effectiveness of such interventions.

Note: Article Drummond J, Univ Alberta, Fac Nursing, 3rd Floor Clin Sci Bldg, Edmonton, AB T6G ZG3, CANADA


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