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October 2021

Treated and untreated recovery from alcohol misuse: Environmental influences and perceived reasons for change

Journal/Book: Subst Use Misuse. 1999; 34: 270 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016, USA. Marcel Dekker Inc. 1371-1406.

Abstract: This Swedish study compared assisted and unassisted subjects with different long-term drinking outcomes with regard to drinking patterns, significant life events, and attributions as to what initiated and maintained recovery. It was found that both recovery, independent of help-seeking status, and help-seeking, independent of long-term outcome, were preceded by prolonged harmful drinking consequences and increasing negative stress. Initial attempts to solve the drinking problem were followed by a significant reduction in life stress, but stable recovery was uniquely associated with stability and/or major improvements in the life context. Unassisted recovery was more often gradual in character and/or motivated by positive incentives than assisted recovery. Possible clinical and social-political implications are discussed.

Note: Article Blomqvist J, SOTF, FOU Enheten, S-10664 Stockholm, SWEDEN

Keyword(s): alcohol misuse; assisted and unassisted recoveries; life events; environmental factors; reasons for change; spontaneous recovery; NATURAL RECOVERY; SPONTANEOUS REMISSION; LIFE EVENTS; DRINKING; ADDICTION; RELIABILITY; COMMUNITY; HEROIN

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