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December 2021

Normative detection of early regulatory disorders and autism: Empirical confirmation of DC : 0-3

Author(s): Neisworth, J. T.

Journal/Book: Infant Young Children. 1999; 12: 7201 Mckinney Circle, Frederick, MD 21704, USA. Aspen Publ Inc. 98-106.

Abstract: Previous and current attention to early problems in self-regulation and temperament provide the basis for new approaches for diagnosis and access to early intervention sen ices. In particular, autism, as well as certain other recognized syndromes, may be approached as disorders in self-regulation/temperament. Appraisal of such early difficulties has been difficult, often based on clinical opinion to argue for services. The recent publication of the DC:0-3 classification provides an alternative to prior approaches (eg, DSM-IV): a developmentally oriented framework for classifying early self-regulatory problems that is suggestive of accessible variables for intervention. Our empirical research over the past 10 years has resulted in normative data and a norm-referenced assessment system that appears to be congruent with and thus supportive of the DC:0-3 classification. The norm-referenced tool (Temperament and Atypical Behavior Scale-TABS) can be used by professionals to document their clinical opinions regarding severity of temperament/regulatory problems or for detection of possible difficulties through screening activities. It appears that early signals of autism include a constellation of problems in self-regulation and temperament that may be detected and appraised through normative comparisons, opening the door to earlier identification and treatment. Finally, extensive data collection may permit the construction of somewhat distinctive ''neurobehavioral phenotypes'' for describing syndromes characterized by dysfunctions in self-regulation and temperament.

Note: Article Bagnato SJ, Univ Pittsburgh, Childrens Hosp Pittsburgh, UCLID Ctr, Pittsburgh,PA 15213 USA

Keyword(s): autism; early regulatory disorders; normative detection

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