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October 2021

What's God got to do with it? Church and state collaboration in the subordination of women and domestic violence

Journal/Book: Rutgers Law Rev. 1999; 51: School Law 15 Washington St, Newark, NJ 07102, USA. Rutgers Univ. 1207-1288.

Abstract: In this Article, Professor Ammons explores es the role of Judeo-Christian institutions, ideology, and doctrine in promoting women's subordination and in condoning domestic violence. Professor Ammons traces how the dogma of male supremacy is construed from Biblical narratives, becomes part of church codified hierarchical gender roles, particularly within the marital relationship, and hour religion was used to endorse the submission of: women to men through brute force, if necessary. Ancient secular myths and theories recasted as Divine imperatives in Canon law and Christian tradition, which the State accepted as custom and law, shaped the courts' acceptance of violence against women in private and in. Some instances public spheres. Despite the criminal and civil justice system's modification of laws concerning domestic violence, Professor Ammons argues that many religious communities have been slow to reevaluate their traditions, to acknowledge their culpability in tolerating domestic violence, and to actively challenge the ideological assumptions that support violence against women within the belief structures of such religious communities. Battered women who hold traditional religious views on male supremacy remain vulnerable because of their need to reconcile the tensions of their legal rights of bodily integrity and autonomy with. Law is not simply a body of rules for the settlement of justiciable controversies; law is both a product of, and a means of classifying and bringing into order, complex: social actions and interactions.(1) In the name of religion people dance, act, make music, fight wars, abuse some, liberate others, seek to effect justice, reinforce prejudice, make Love, fight addiction and do other gangliated activities that inspire those who get to study religion.(2)

Note: Review Ammons LL, Cleveland State Univ, Cleveland Marshall Coll Law, Cleveland,OH 44115 USA


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