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October 2021

Sind mittels ultraschwachen Lichtemissionsmessungen Informationen zur Qualitätsbeurteilung von Lebensmitteln zu gewinnen?

Author(s): Pieper, A., Schneider, A.

Abstract: An important aspect of the biophoton concept of FA. Popp is the determination of the quality of food according to certain criteria by measuring ultraweak light emission. We have analyzed with a device built by him, whether the analysis method which came with the device, leads to plausible and reproducible results with the help of a factor analysis of parameters. Our results were unsatisfactory, which is explained by means of some typical cases. The graphic evaluation of the measurements as well as the search for new quality criteria lead to important results, which should be important for further research. These results are:The ultraweak light emission of living as well as "not living" samples is stored light. The light storage takes place in every sample by several different processes. The measured curve of the decaying light emission is the summation curve of these individual processes.For all measuring curves which were examined it was possible to show, that the first part with general hyperbolic functions could be approximated very well, namely by nearly the same amount for all curves. Some measuring curves could be approximated very well with hyperbolic as well as with exponential functions. With this, it is not possible to reconstruct the criterion of the quality assessment according to FA. Popp (hyperbolic decaying behaviour means high quality exponential decaying behaviour means low quality). Consequently we had no criteria, which allowed a holistic quality definition. In our opinion, a lot of research work is necessary to be able to infer the quality from the measurement of the ultraweak light emission. A ray of hope is, that a possible quality criterion could be the resisting force against decay, which we determined during the examination of strawberries. For this, further extensive examinations would be necessary.

Keyword(s): Biophotonen-Messung

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