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October 2021

Homöopathie versus konventionelle Therapie bei weiblichen Fertilitätsstörungen Eine monozentrische, prospektive, offene und teilrandomisierte Therapievergleichsstudie

Abstract: 77 infertile women (hormonal or idiopathic infertility) were included between August 1995 and March 1997 in a prospective randomized study and treated with either homeopathic remedies (n = 43) or conventional reproductive techniques (n = 34). The main prognostic fertility parameters were not significantly different; however, the homeopathic patients reported a significantly better education (p = 0,0065), a higher number of previous unsuccessful therapies, increased dysmenorrhoea and a significantly higher index of psychological stress (p = 0,001 9). During a one-year's treatment period, conception occurred in 10 of 30 women (33 %) in the homeopathic group and 12 of 21 women in the group with conventional treatment (hormones) (57 %). 4 of 26 women of the dropout-group (13 from each treatment group) conceived (1 5 %). Only 2 pregnancies ended by an abortion in either treatment group resulting in a comparable baby-take-home-rate (p = 0,148). Women who rejected randomization, but were treated according to their choice, experienced a 10 % higher conception rate by both treatment regimens. Fertility-independent symptoms decreased significantly in patients under homeopathic treatment and were without change in the conventional treatment group. During homeopathic treatment, but before conception, peripheral serum concentrations of LH and prolactin in the early follicular phase significantly increased as well as estradiol concentrations in the luteal phase in comparison to the conventionally treated group. No valuable prognostic parameter could be found to discriminate between successful and unsuccessful treatment. Mean duration of infertility lasted for a shorter time in women with conception. Homeopathic treatment of infertility can be an alternative in women rejecting conventional treatment.

Keyword(s): Fertilität

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