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October 2021

Enhanced Thermogenesis in Rats by a Composite Indian Herbal Preparation-I and its Mechanism of Action


Abstract: Objective: A composite Indian herbal preparation-I (CIHP-I) containing ingredients derived from 7 different plants and asphalt was tested for its adaptogenic activity and its mechanism of action was investigated.Design: CIHP-I was tested using the cold-hypoxia-restraint (C-H-R) animal model in which the restrained rats were exposed to 5oC at 428 mm Hg atmospheric pressure. Rectal temperature (Trec) of the rats was continuously monitored during the exposure and the recovery periods. The time for fall of Trec to 23oC and its recovery to 37oC were used as indices of endurance and the adaptogenic activity. Carbohydrate and lipid parameters were investigated to find out the nature of fuel being used during thermogenesis.Results: After 12 weeks of administration of an oral dose of 7.5 mg/kg-1/day-1, CIHP-I was found to possess significant adaptogenic activity. CIHP-I helped improve resistance to C-H-R induced hypothermia (Trec, 230C) in animals by increased mobilization of free fatty acids (FFA) from adipose tissue. Blood glucose and muscle glycogen levels were maintained. CIHP-I treatment restricted the release of creatine phosphokinase (CPK) into the circulation during C-H-R exposure.Conclusions: The results suggested that CIHP-I is a strong adaptogen. lt improved cold resistance during C-H-R exposure and enhanced recovery from hypothermia. The energy-dependent cell membrane permeability was maintained. Stored lipids were mobilised and possibly used for thermogenesis in preference to carbohydrates.

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