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January 2022

Balneology and Health Resort Medicine

Journal/Book: SPA MANAGEMENT March 1996. 1996;

Abstract: By Helmut G. Pratzel "Institut für Medizinische Balneologie München" Germany Balneology is the science of the remedies of earth water and climate. Balneotherapy is performed as a complex cure measure together with other comprehensive therapy methods using these remedies for bathing drinking and inhalation under the influence of climatotherapeutic factors. Health resort medicine is the modern balneology. The tradition of the health resorts is complex; in addition to the medical field it has also been determined by intellectual and cultural history economy philosophy and sociology. Balneotherapy has existed for many millennias. Even today we can see how balneotherapy is practiced by the population as self-medication especially in many parts of the Third World where natural remedies and therapies in particular the water of mineral springs rank high within folk medicine. Spas and health resorts are today ecological niches for natural medical care of wide sections of the population. The origins of a health resort medicine organized worldwide are in Great Britain. On December 9th 1921. the "International Society of Medical Hydrology" with 71 members from 13 nations was founded by Dr. Fortescue Fox. London at the meeting of the "Royal Society of Medicine". The British Dr. Fortescue Fox was elected first president. He was the first editor of "Archives of Medical Hydrology''. He also founded the "International Committee on Rheumatism" of the ISMH together with Jan van Breemen Amsterdam and Isodore Gunzbura Antwerp in Piestany on April 20th 1926. This was renamed into the "European League against Rheumatism"... hl

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