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January 2022

Surface EMG Response to Heat and Cold Application on Back Muscles: Implications for the Therapy of Low Back Pain

Journal/Book: Eur. j. phys. Med. rebabil. 1996; 6 No 2. 1996;

Abstract: From the Department of Physical Medicine (Head: E. Senn) Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. Germany the *Friedrich Baur Institute (Head: D. Pongratz) Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich Germany and the *Postgraduate Medical School (Head: E. Ernst) University of Exeter United Kingdom Summary: With frequency standardized surface EMG recordings the effect of heat and cold application on amplitude of myoelectric activity in the back muscles of healthy volunteers was measured. Whereas the controls showed no alteration after a 20 minute period of rest there was a significant reduction of amplitudes after applying mud packs (50C) with p < 0.05 in Wilcoxon matched-pair signed ranks test and a marked increase after application of ice packs (p = 0.0001). It is concluded that regional heat application seems to have a positive effect on muscle tone whereas cold application could be contraindicated in patients with low back pain. hl

Keyword(s): Surface EMG - heat appication - cold application - low back pain

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