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May 2022

Guidelines for reporting results of quality of life assessments in clinical trials

Author(s): Berzon, R., Osoba, D., Machin, D.

Journal/Book: Qual Life Res. 1996; 5: 2-6 Boundary Row, London, England SE1 8NH. Rapid Science Publishers. 496-502.

Abstract: Clinical trials involving quality of life measurement published in the literature suffer from important weaknesses due to the lack of information on numerous topics. The psychometric properties of the instruments are often lacking as well as data on the number of patients treated and analyzed. The handling of missing data is rarely documented. In order to facilitate the reporting of trials and the evaluation of published results, this article proposes a set of general guidelines for the reporting of clinical trials which include a quality of life assessment. A checklist designed to assist authors is appended.

Note: Article M Staquet, Free Univ Brussels, Fac Med, DCS, CP 623, Route Lennik 808, B-1070 Brussels, Belgium

Keyword(s): clinical trials; guidelines; health-related quality of life; quality of life; reporting; OF-LIFE

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