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January 2022

Mental imagery: An alternative to top management team replacement for declining organizations

Journal/Book: J Organ Change Manage. 1996; 9: 60/62 Toller Lane, Bradford, W Yorkshire, England BD8 9BY. Mcb Univ Press Ltd. 47.

Abstract: The role of managerial cognitive processes has so far been largely neglected within strategy research which examines organizational decline and recovery. Proposes that heuristics used by managers such as: availability, representativeness, adjustment and anchoring may contribute to the declining performance of the organization. Suggests that mental imagery could be used to adjust these heuristics and change the cognitive processes of the existing managers instead of replacing the top management team in declining organizations. This change in cognitive processes could help increase the ability of a declining firm to improve its performance.

Note: Article PA Stanwick, Auburn Univ, Auburn, AL 36849 USA

Keyword(s): cognition; company performance; heuristics; management; organizational change; performance management; STRATEGIC DECISION-MAKING; DIALECTICAL INQUIRY; DEVILS ADVOCACY; BIASES; PERFORMANCE; ATTITUDES; IMPACT

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