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January 2022

To measure quality of life - Relevance and use in the psychiatric domain

Author(s): Naess, S.

Journal/Book: Nord J Psychiatr. 1996; 50: PO Box 2959 Toyen, Journal Division, Customer Service, N-0608 Oslo, Norway. Scandinavian University Press. 29-39.

Abstract: The expression ''quality of life'' has a strong positive connotation. The definition will be influenced by values and points of reference. Not at least in the psychiatric domain we need a precise and not to wide-ranging definition. If we are to investigate the relation between living conditions or different psychiatric diagnoses, and people's subjective experience, we have to separate these sets of phenomena. Quality of life is related to individual feelings. It is subjective and includes a global assessment. It is seen as both a cognitive evaluation and some degree of positive and negative feelings. It correlates with depression but can be separated from it. Personality factors will influence quality of life, but it reacts to life changes and cannot be seen as synonymous with any particular trait. Quality of life measurements have shown that long-term psychiatric patients have lower well-being than others. They can also help us to weigh between different treatment programmes, and between patients and their social network.

Note: Article T Sorensen, Nordlivn 6, N-1482 Nittedal, Norway

Keyword(s): application; measurement; quality of life; psychological well-being; review; STABILITY; MODEL

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