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June 2023

Uniform standards for substance user treatment research: An example from Germany for the United States and other countries

Author(s): Buhringer, G., Widman, M., Kunzel, J., Lidz, V.

Journal/Book: Subst Use Misuse. 1996; 31: 270 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016. Marcel Dekker Inc. 479-492.

Abstract: It is only through reasoned, accurate treatment evaluation research that its effectiveness can be assessed. The value of these data can be limited, however, by variability of methods and noncomparability of data, This is not the case, however, in other western countries. Germany has developed and is using a set of research and publication standards which speak to many of these deficiencies. These standards, described here in some detail, can serve as a model for regular, uniform, and universal data collection, thus allowing for some meaningful comparisons and assessments of in-situ treatment and the individuals receiving it.

Note: Article JJ Platt, Med Coll Penn, 3300 Henry Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129 USA

Keyword(s): drug use; drug user treatment; drug user treatment standards, Germany, addiction treatment in; ''drug abuse'' policy

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