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May 2022

Neuropsychology and functional cerebral imaging

Author(s): Faure, S., Eustache, F.

Journal/Book: Annee Psychol. 1996; 96: Dept Des Revues, 14, Avenue du Bois-de-L'Epine, B.P. 90, 91003 Evry, France. Presses Univ France. 641-675.

Abstract: Main neuropsychological theories and methods are described in an historical perspective, highlighting both connections and oppositions. We emphasize a new approach using functional cerebral imagery techniques, which in the last ten years have had an important scientific development. This <<functional neuropsychology> > allows an original approach to the relationships between cognition, and cerebral substrate and upgrades, in a dynamic point of view, the cerebral localization concept. We wish to show hour recent reflections in this new trend of research draw upon the theory and methodology of classical approaches in human neuropsychology. We present some illustrations, noting their interest and limitations for each scientific field considered. Finally, we present the new perspectives of functional neuropsychology for the near future when. The role of psychologists will be crucial.

Note: Article Platel H, Chu Cote Nacre, Serv Neurol, F-14033 Caen, FRANCE

Keyword(s): neuropsychology; cerebral localization; history of psychology; cognitive neurosciences; POSITRON EMISSION TOMOGRAPHY; BLOOD-FLOW; ALZHEIMERS-DISEASE; STRIATE CORTEX; MEMORY-SYSTEMS; BRAIN; PERFORMANCE; ACTIVATION; ATTENTION; PATTERNS

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