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July 2022

Three-dimensional multimodal image-guidance for neurosurgery

Author(s): Davey, B., Munger, P., Comeau, R., Evans, A., Olivier, A.

Journal/Book: IEEE Trans Med Imaging. 1996; 15: 345 E 47TH St, New York, NY 10017-2394. IEEE-Inst Electrical Electronics Engineers Inc. 121-128.

Abstract: We address the use of multimodality imaging as an aid to the planning and guidance of neurosurgical procedures, and discuss the integration of anatomical (CT and MRI), vascular (DSA), and functional (PET) data for presentation to the surgeon during surgery, Our workstation is an enhancement of a commercially available system, and in addition to the guidance offered via a hand-held probe, it incorporates the use of multimodality imaging and adds enhanced realism to the surgeon through the use of a stereoscopic three-dimensional (3-D) image display, The probe may be visualized stereoscopically in single or multimodality images, The integration of multimodality data in this manner provides the surgeon with a complete overview of brain structures on which he is performing surgery, or through which he is passing probes or cannulas, enabling him to avoid critical vessels and/or structures of functional significance.

Note: Article T Peters, Mcgill Univ, Montreal Neurol Inst, Mcconnell Brain Imaging Ctr, 3801 Rue Univ, Montreal, Pq H3A 2B4, Canada


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