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June 2023

Review: Methods in rehabilitation research

Author(s): Waldmann, H. C.

Journal/Book: Z Klin Psychol Psychiatr Psyc. 1996; 44: Postfach 2540, W-4790 Paderborn, Germany. Verlag Ferdinand Schoningh. 305-338.

Abstract: This paper introduces methodological foundations and research methods of rehabilitation research as a recent medical discipline. Demonstration and evaluation of the various benefits of rehabilitative care are considered as issues most central to this interdisciplinary field of research. Corresponding to a tentative structure of research objectives, we propose a pragmatic methodological background and a basic research strategy which translates to concrete project planning by means of derivation of hypotheses. Experimental research, single-sample complex statistical modelling, secondary/meta-analyis and qualitative methods are discussed. An analysis of validity issues leads to proposing some methodological criteria or standards for rehabilitation research.

Note: Review F Petermann, Univ Bremen, Zentrum Rehabil Forach, Grazer Str 6, D-28359 Bremen, Germany


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