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June 2022

Data preparation for transient evoked otoacoustic emissions

Author(s): Gall, V.

Journal/Book: Folia Phoniatr Logopaed. 1996; 48: Allschwilerstrasse 10, CH-4009 Basel, Switzerland. Karger. 186-192.

Abstract: Recently the measurement of transient evoked otoacoustic emissions (TEOAEs) has been universally accepted as a noninvasive, objective method for the detection of cochlear damage. We present a computerized data preparation method which facilitates the comparison of several measurements of otoemissions for different stimuli. By comparing signals at different stimuli for corresponding time intervals it is possible to detect characteristic cochlear emissions at lower stimulus levels. Especially in case of ambiguous test results detecting typical emission waves by comparison helps to improve the reliability of TEOAE measurement.

Note: Article B Paschermankiewicz, Univ Frankfurt, Zentrum Hno, ABT Phoniatr & Pedaudiol, Theodor Stern Kai 7, D-60590 Frankfurt, Germany

Keyword(s): transient evoked otoacoustic emissions; ILO-88 device; data preparation; HEARING-LOSS; ADULTS; NOISE

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