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June 2022

[Voice disorders in benign nodose formations of the vocal cords in vocalists. Their treatment and rehabilitation]

Journal/Book: Vestn Otorinolaringol. 1996; 30-2.

Abstract: The paper presents data on 5-year follow-up of 105 patients with neoplasms of the vocal cords. All the examinees belonged to vocal profession (actors, singers, musical students) . Among the new growths of the vocal cords true or false vocal nodules occurred most frequently (84%). The second in frequency were fibromas and polyps (15%). Contact granuloma occurred only in 2 males with long smoking history. The diagnosis and treatment efficacy assessment were performed using measurement of maximal phonation time, electron laryngostroboscopy, electron glottography.

Keyword(s): Carcinoma in Situ|CO/DI/TH. Laryngeal Neoplasms|CO/DI/TH. Music|. Occupational Diseases|CO/DI/TH. Vocal Cords|. Voice Disorders|DI/ET/TH

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