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August 2022

Acoustic and articulatory measures of sibilant production with and without auditory feedback from a cochlear implant

Author(s): Svirsky, M., Perkell, J., Lane, H.

Journal/Book: J Speech Hear Res. 1996; 39: 10801 Rockville Pike Rd, Rockville, MD 20852-3279. Amer Speech-Lang-Hearing Assn. 936-946.

Abstract: The articulator positions of a subject with a cochlear implant were measured with an electromagnetic midsagittal articulometer (EMMA) system with and without auditory feedback available to the subject via his implant. Acoustic analysis of sibilant: productions included specific measures of their spectral properties as well as the F-3 formant amplitude. More general postural characteristics of the utterances, such as speech rate and sound level, were measured as well, Because of the mechanical and aerodynamic interdependence of the articulators, the postural Variables must be considered before attributing speech improvement to the selective correction of a phonemic target with the use of auditory feedback. The tongue blade position was related to the shape and central tendency of the /integral/ spectra; however, changes in the spectral contrast between /s/ and /integral/ were not related to changes in the more general postural variables of rate and sound level. These findings suggest that the cochlear implant is providing this subject with important auditory cues that he can use to monitor his speech and maintain the phonemic contrast between /s/ and /integral/.

Note: Article ML Matthies, Mit, Elect Res Lab, Cambridge, MA 02139 USA

Keyword(s): cochlear implant; deafness; auditory feedback; articulometer; SPEECH PRODUCTION; VOICE PRODUCTION; CHILDREN; ADULTS; STIMULATION; FRICATIVES; MOVEMENTS; USERS

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