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January 2022

Unbiased study about the perception of smile and sadness by the analysis method of emotions' integration ''MARIE''

Author(s): Bruyer, R., Revillon, J. J.

Journal/Book: Ann Medico-Psychol. 1996; 154: 120 Blvd Saint-Germain, 75280 Paris 06, France. Masson Editeur. 1-9.

Abstract: This article describes a simple and easy-using clinical tool for investigating the visual perception of emotions. The method was validated with healthy persons. On the one hand, the results confirm and sharpen the data of the literature. On the other hand, they enable a precise quantification of the results. Nevertheless, only the perception of the smile and sadness has been studied. Therefore, the extension and validation of this tool to other fondamental emotions is requested. This will enable a simple and easy clinical investigation of troubles of the visual recognition of emotions. On the one hand for many neurological pathologies : strokes, neurologic disease. On the other hand for psychiatric pathologies : Korsakoff's syndrom, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, other dementias and as on...

Note: Article P Granato, Ctr Hosp Valenciennes, Ctr Psychotherap, Ave Desandrouin, F-59300 Valenciennes, France

Keyword(s): facial emotions; perception; visual recognition; clinical tool; FACIAL EXPRESSIONS; PROSOPAGNOSIA; FACES; RECOGNITION; RESPONSES

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