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January 2022

The influence of predictors on adolescent drug use - An examination of individual effects

Journal/Book: Youth Soc. 1996; 28: 2455 Teller Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320. Sage Science Press. 215-235.

Abstract: The findings of t tests on an adolescent sample in Charleston, South Carolina, indicated that, without adjustments, Whites were significantly higher than Blacks on socioeconomic status, cumulative grade point average, and drug modeling/attitudes favoring drug-use variables. Blacks were significantly higher on positive peer influence, commitment to education, belief in rules, self-efficacy expectations, parental supervision, and official reported conduct disorder variables. Further; Whites were significantly higher on prior-year cigarette, alcohol, hallucinogen, and marijuana use. Logistic regression analyses found that, after controlling for predictors, the race effect remained significant in the prediction of cigarette, alcohol, and marijuana use. After controlling for predictors in the equation predicting hallucinogen use, however the race of the adolescent did not remain significant. Further; across all drug-use categories, negative behavior and attitudes favoring drug use are the most important predictors of adolescent drug use for both Blacks and Whiles.

Note: Article Graham N, Northeastern Univ, Coll Criminal Justice, 427 Churchill Hall, Boston,MA 02115 USA


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