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May 2022

Existential well-being is an important determinant of quality of life: Evidence from the McGill quality of life questionnaire

Author(s): Mount, B. M., Tomas, J. J. N., Mount, L. F.

Journal/Book: Cancer. 1996; 77: Div John Wiley & Sons Inc, 605 Third Ave, New York, NY 10158-0012. Wiley-Liss. 576-586.

Abstract: BACKGROUND. The McGill Quality of Life Questionnaire (MQOL) is being developed to correct what we perceive to be a flaw in existing quality of life instruments: neglect of the existential domain. METHODS. This study reports the first use of MQOL for people with cancer at all phases of the disease, including those with no evidence of disease after therapy. RESULTS. The data suggest that MQOL is comprised of an item measuring physical well-being and four subscales: physical symptoms, psychological symptoms, existential well-being, and support. MQOL is acceptable to oncology outpatients. Correlation of the MQOL total and subscale scores with a single item scale measuring overall quality of life and with the Spitzer Quality of Life Index suggests that MQOL has construct and concurrent validity. CONCLUSIONS. The hypothesis that the existential domain is important, especially to those patients with a life-threatening illness, is supported because multiple regression showed that the existential subscale is at least as important as any other subscale in predicting a single item scale measuring the overall quality of life and plays a greater role in determining the quality of life of patients with local or metastatic disease than in patients with no evidence of disease.

Note: Article SR Cohen, Royal Victoria Hosp, Ross 610, 687 Ave Pins Ouest, Montreal, Pq H3A 1A1, Canada

Keyword(s): quality of life; cancer; psychosocial; terminal care; existential; measurement; CANCER-PATIENTS; OF-LIFE; HEALTH; INDEX

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