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May 2022

Auditory integration training for individuals with autism

Author(s): Malgeri, S. E., Streit, M. K.

Journal/Book: Educ Train Ment Ret Dev Dis. 1996; 31: 1920 Association Dr, Reston, VA 22091-1589. Council Exceptional Children. 66-70.

Abstract: Auditory integration training (AIT) was introduced into the United States in 1991 to ameliorate hypersensitive hearing in persons with autism and other cognitive and behavior disorders. Hypersensitive hearing is a problem that may affect up to 40% of persons with autism. Often referred to as hyperacusis, this condition causes pain or discomfort when an individual is confronted with certain noises at particular frequencies. Since the introduction of AIT into the U.S., stories of treatment successes have received substantial media attention, resulting in increased parent and professional interest, and in an increased demand for services. This paper presents and overview of AIT as a treatment for hyperacusis in autism, including a review of relevant research, descriptions of the treatment procedure and technology involved, and consideration of current controversies surrounding AIT.

Note: Article DE Berkell, Long Isl Univ, Dept Special Educ & Reading, CW Post Campus, Brookville, NY 11548 USA

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