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January 2022

Being In Music: Foundations of Nordoff - Robbins Music Therapy

Author(s): Director of Research, Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Clinic.

Journal/Book: The Nordoff- Robbins Music Therapy Monograph Series. 1996; 1: Saint Louis. MMB Music, Inc. 3526 Washington Ave Saint Louis, MO 63103-1019.

Note: Discusses the essence of the Nordoff-Robbins approach to music therapy. Reviews the basic world view, values, and underlying theories of Paul Nordoff, Clive, and Carol Robbins found in published manuscripts and unpublished written, audio, and video records comprising the Nordoff Robbins archives.

Keyword(s): ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. FOREWORD. PREFACE. I. INTRODUCTION . II. THE QUALITATIVE METHOD EMPLOYED IN THIS STUDY. III. THE COURSE AT GOLDIE LEIGH HOSPITAL. 1. Setting The Stage. IV. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK. 1. The Role of Technique. 2. Therapist Preparation. 3. Personalized Source of Music. 4. Living in Music and the Evolution of Form. 5. Musical Intelligence. 6. Qualities of Clinical-Musical Interaction. 7. Bringing Meaningful Experience. 8. The Forces Latent in Music. 9. Clinical Strategies. 10. The Importance of Repetition: Improvised and Precomposed Songs. 11. Therapy and/or Teaching?. 12. Conclusion. V. THEMES. 1. The Therapeutic Relationship. 2. The Role of Values. 3. The Therapeutic Process. 4. The Demands of Clinical Work. 5. Implications and Effects of Clinical Work. 6. The Nordoff-Robbins Training. VI. CLOSING WORDS. REFERENCES. APPENDIX A: Theme Statements. APPENDIX B: Brief History of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy

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