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May 2022

In vitro Investigations on Effects of Homoeopathic Potencies of Thuja occidentalis on Cell Cultures by Use of the MTT Assay

Author(s): Dittmann, J., Schütte, A., Bauer, J., Harisch, G.

Abstract: Introduction: The vitality and activity of cells kept in cell cultures can be examined by the MTT assay using the catalytic activity of mitochondrial succinate dehydrogenase as indicator. The applicability of the MTT assay to clarify questions relevant for homoeopathy is studied. Objective: The main target of the investigations was to prove whether potencies of Thuja occidentalis influence the vitality and activity of cells kept in cell cultures. Methods: Potencies of Thuja occidentalis produced in water and cell medium as well as lactose potencies of this homoeopathic remedy were applied to adherent and immortalized EBL, HeLa and MDBK cells. After an incubation varying from 2 to 96 h the vitality of cells was determined by the MTT assay. Results: 1. With the described method effects of aqueous potencies can be observed up to D5, in some cases up to D6 as well. Using lactose potencies of Thuja occidentalis, effects were only found up to D3. 2. Stimulating as well as inhibiting effects were measured. There was a characteristic dynamic reaction in relation to the time of incubation. 3. There was a non-linear dose-effect response in potencies. This nonlinear dose-effect relation was also observed in the morphological reaction of the cells. Conclusions: In principle, it is possible to use cells kept in cell cultures as indicators for effects caused by homoeopathically prepared substances.

Keyword(s): MTT-Test

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