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January 2022

Krebstherapie in der Integrativen Medizin

Abstract: Cancer as scientific and medical challange is a multicausal and multifactorial disease in which the etiology and various interactions are still not understood. Inspite of indisputable advances many questions in regard to early detection etiology and effective therapy are still not solved. In the conventional medicine operation, irridiation, chemo-, gene and immune therapy are offered in various combinations. However, the basic regulations like the interaction between the cells, the extracellular matrix, the blood and its content as well as nerval, biophysical and spiritual parameters and their possible disturbances are seldomly recognized, included in the therapy or are just not known.Therefore, I presented the concept of "Integrative Medicine" (IM) in which the demand is included for an active integration of further diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities without ideological and dogmatic boundries. We increase this seperation between medicine and the sick for the sake of our scientific world if we are not willing to accept interactions, do not include these in our basic and clinical research, do not accept other results and recognize and accept only one level of knowledge and experience elevating it to the only and dogmatic interpretation of human diseases. Therefore, the aim of IM is the application of our medical knowledge in order that the various diagnostic procedures and therapies may interact in order to lend help, relief and hopefully healing to the sick.For cancer treatment the concept of the IM offers additional possibilities: e.g. education for a sufficient, healthy and harmonic nutrition, therapy of the stressed and altered gastrointestinal tract as the main immune organ, the mycotoxin- and environmental induced and maintained disturbances and damages, the modulation of the basic regulatory system as well as including psychosomatic and relieving therapy.The time has come that we have to offer help to our cancer patient and do not let them stand by themselves. The expansion of our diagnostic and therapeutic arsenal in the IM needs an expanded attitude to mankind, health, disease and medicine in order to prevent limitation of our cognitive capacity and daily work. Unqualified promises have to be examined in order to protect against unqualified application and false hopes. Empathy, hope, effective therapies, undogmatic application of our medical knowledge as well as the way towards this is our sole medical goal in treating the sick.

Keyword(s): Onkologie

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